The Board of Lesbians Benefitting the Arts are saddened to announce that the Ohio Lesbian Festival will not be happening this year. Despite our best efforts to locate a suitable venue and amenities, we acknowledge that it is no longer a realistic expectation that we can produce an event safely and with the level of professionalism that our attendees have come to expect. Due to continuing and far-reaching effects of the pandemic it has become impossible to find suppliers for necessary items such as tents, accessibility equipment, etc.

We are beginning now to plan for 2023 and we have tentatively set the next Ohio Lesbian Festival dates for either of the first two weekends of September 2023.

In the meantime, we would like to receive feedback on the ways that the LBA can continue to engage and provide opportunities for community and connection. Have you personally attended any of the recent LBA sponsored events such as the Lesbian Art Show or the Lesbian Health Fair that took place earlier this spring? What other event offerings and topics would you like to see the LBA provide?